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Project: waterproofing and building a supporting wall

Length of waterproofing: 30 feet

Depth of waterproofing: 6 feet

Project duration: 8 days


This time the customer told us that he found water on the basement floor. After completing the estimation, we started to check the walls of the house. Unfortunately, the left wall was in a very bad condition, with parts of the wall falling out in some places. So we decided that the best solution would be to pour a new concrete support wall. When the wall was complete, we started on the waterproofing routing. First of all, we applied aquablock to the wall, which is a crucial step for protection against water. We then applied yellow jacket, an open weave glass fabric consisting of glass fibre yarn saturated with synthetic resins, to protect the coating material from rot, mildew or “wick” water. Next step was membrane and weeping tile installation, then connection to a sump pump that had been installed before. Simply speaking, if the ground area around the house gets wet after the rain, the water will seep into weeping tile’s small holes and reach the sump pump, which in turn, will pump out the water outside through the special pipe. As a final step, we backfilled the soil and poured concrete. 

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